What’s it all about?

There is plenty on the web about the “end of the world”, a subject that many are curious about and understandably so.
This blog looks at the “end of the world” and the signs that have been revealed in revelation and other apocalyptic prophesy.

It is common for people to know about “Armageddon” but there is a lot more that has been revealed and prophesied on the matter of the “end of the world” than just this. The internet is also full of sites dedicated to every flavour of doomsday and apocalypse ever dreamed up (or should that be nightmare about). This blog is not a scare-you-off-to-hide-under-your-bed or leave-you-feeling-pessimistic-forever-after type.

The End of the Word Revelation and Prophesy is focused more on delving into “revealed truth” rather than “wild speculation”. It is about discussing the more obscure or lesser know revelations and prophesies to be found in the scriptures and other sources. These are then cross referenced with the better know revelations and prophesies to obtain a more holistic and accurate picture of what the end of the word apocalyptic prophesy really says.

The objective is to delve into the predicted events preceding the end of the world and some of the possible or probable scientific explanations for these events.


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